Freelance Website Designer

Clean code & responsive web designs

We create responsive web design that is compatible to mobile, tablet & PC, we are freelancer based in Bangalore we always follow latest technology. We create bootstrap responsive website designs.

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Freelance Web Application Developer

Dynamic web application development

We are creative freelance website developer, we use bootstrap designs to create website which works for all kind of screens, we also do CMS, Dynamic website & ecommerce development. Contact us to know more

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SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing

Fully SEO optimized website & digital marketing

We are freelance designer. We create customized website design based on the customer business type. We takes time to consult and make the perfect and elegant website design which works for you.

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What We Do?

We are Bangalore (India) based freelance web designer & developer. We are expert in elegant website designing, graphic design, logo design, and web application development.

service 1

Graphic Designing

We have very good experience in logo & graphics designing for all kind of business.

service 2

Website Designing

We design modern and powerful websites with lots of animation and features.

service 3

Web Development

We have core expertise in custom CMS, dynamic application, and portal development.

Have You Seen our Works?

Below are the few references of our work we have done for our valuable customer, contact us to know more.

project 1

Responsive E-Commerce Website

ClientBeauty Plus Health
DateDec 2014
SkillsAsp.Net, C#, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Ecommerce website is the more efficient selling tool for retail business. We do the integration your ecommerce website with social media which helps your customer to engage with you online.

project 2

Cloud Based Loyalty Program

ClientProduct License
DateJan 2014
SkillsAsp.Net, C#, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
LinkCloud Application - Intranet

Winning customer loyalty is the key success to your business. Our application helps you to manage customer data in a systematic manner in return for rewards benefits and create privileged customer profile.

project 3

Responsive Static Website

ClientNext Webi
DateFeb 2014
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery

Responsive web design is a concept of developing website in a way which makes your website react based upon the screen sizes it works well in mobile screen, tablet and any size of desktop screen.

project 4

Travel Booking & Membership ERP Solution

ClientTrue Seasons
DateMar 2014, C#, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Our tours & travel ERP solutions is the perfect booking system for small to mid-size business as well as the large tours operators. it has members booking, login for hotels, bus booking etc.

project 5

Responsive Website Design

ClientUnicorn Travel
DateApr 2014
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

As the current survey 70% companies yet to launch their mobile website, companies are addressing the usability of the mobile if you are planning for new website go for responsive designs.

project 6

E-Commerce Application Customized

ClientLets Click & Get
DateMay 2014, C#, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

We provide end-to-end ecommerce solutions and consulting which helps our customer to grow their business on web. We provide customized ecommerce solutions for all kind of business.

project 7

Static Website Design

ClientMD Retail Fixtures
DateJune 2014
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Website is online presence of your business every business needs a website. We create customized theme related to your business which helps in visualization of your business and engage more customer.

project 8

Customized E-Commerce Solutions

ClientMagic Potions
DateJuly 2014
SkillsAsp.Net, C#, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Google API

Our ecommerce solutions provides detailed ecommerce product information, quality product images and simple transparent checkout process. Using admin panel you can update and add products information and images.

project 9

Static Website Design for Real Estate

ClientParatus BuildCon Pvt. Ltd.
DateAug 2014, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

You know how important a website to your business. A great website design helps to drive traffic, generate leads and make your business presence everywhere. We create SEO friendly website which fits to search engine.

project 9

Responsive Dynamic Website

ClientCipher Trivia
DateSep 2014
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MS SQL, Asp.Net, C#

We offer content management system, a dynamic website. You can add, delete and edit the content from your admin panel. You can design your website without having any knowledge of web technologies.

project 9

Responsive Website Design

ClientEko Infomatics
DateOct 2014
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, jQuery

We provide creative and responsive web design, we write clean code which boost your website performance, based on business we assure look and feel which fits to your business requirement.

project 9

Dynamic & Responsive Web Design

ClientRFID Solutions
DateNov 2014
SkillsAsp.Net, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Dynamic website helps you to create and design pages in your own way you can change your content from admin panel. Your website looks fresh always that keeps your customer connected and spend more time on your website.

  • project 1

    E-Commerce Website

    Beauty Plus Health

  • project 2

    Loyalty Program Application


  • project 3

    HTML 5 Responsive Website

    Next Webi

  • project 4

    Travel Booking ERP Solution

    True Seasons

  • project 5

    HTML 5 Responsive Website

    Unicorn Travel

  • project 6

    E-Commerce Application

    Lets Click and Get

  • project 7

    HTML5 CSS3.0 Static Website

    MD Retail Fixtures

  • project 8

    E-Commerce Solutions

    Magic Potions

  • project 9

    Real Estate Website - HTML5

    Paratus BuildCon Pvt. Ltd.

  • project 9

    Responsive Dynamic Website

    Cipher Trivia

  • project 9

    HTML5 CSS3.0 Responsive Website

    Eko Infomatics

  • project 9

    HTML5 Responsive Website

    RFID Solutions

Who We Are?

We are freelance web developers, we deliver high end IT solutions to business.

About Us

Freelancer Bangalore is a team of freelancers in based in Bangalore India, We have expertise in Web Designing, Website development, eCommerce solutions, Android mobile apps development, static & dynamic website, CMS Application, CRM Solutions, ERP Solutions, Internet/Digital marketing, SEO/SEM Services.

We also offer SMS/Email Services, Hosting Services, Website Maintenance, Custom Software Development, API Integration.

We have developed more than 100 website and applications for our valuable clients, we always follow the latest technology in web development and software/application/portal development. We are application development experts; we are web design experts; we are database experts; we are server setup experts; we are Freelance Developers.


  • Web Design & Development

  • Logo & Graphics Designing

  • Dynamic Application Development

  • SEO, Internet Marketing

We're Looking For Our Heros

We hire people who want to make the best things in the world.

Get hire for passion and intensity; there is training for everything else.

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

+91 8147 88 1046

What Client Say?

We truly believe we are best. However, our opinion really means very little!

Quality work and friendliness is why I choose again and again this team, they organise business complex situation in easy way. I appreciate quality work and time management.

client 1 R Jithendra Paratus Buildcon

This team helps us extremely fast and easy way to collect my design ideas in early stages of our design process.

client 2 Aby Khan Magic Potions

They give me great visibility into our daily operational challenges, allowing us to maintain a high level of service to improve to meet rapidly changing marketplace.

client 3 Shivanna BK True Seasons

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Our Clients

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  • client logo 7
  • client logo 1
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  • client logo 7
  • client logo 1
  • client logo 2
  • client logo 3
  • client logo 4
  • client logo 5
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  • client logo 7
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Our Price Start From

Looking for website designing pricing? Or Want to discuss to know more? Contact us now.


  • $200.00
  • 8 Page Static Website
  • 1 Email id on Webmail
  • 1 GB Hosting Space
  • Free Support


  • $300.00
  • 15 Page Dynamic Website
  • 1 Email id on Google Apps
  • 2 GB Hosting Space
  • 24x7 Free Support


  • $500.00
  • Unlimited Pages Dynamic
  • 2 Email id on Google Apps
  • 3 GB Hosting Space
  • 24x7 Free Support

We Also Offer Customized E-Commerce Solutions. Contact Us For More Info.

Are Looking for any customized application portal?

Please drop your contact details or contact us now.

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What We Do?

Website designing

The art of website designing by freelance bangalore team involves utilization of certain tools and software to make a website attractive, appealing and different from others. Designing a website is mandatory to create a distinct image of the company website. It is through such websites that consumers and customers get attracted towards the products and services of any company.

  • The web designers are proficient enough to use creative tools and technologies in order to develop and integrate any company websites.
  • By utilizing the design tools and innovative technologies, a particular website can be given perfect structure and recognition. This will make the website quite interesting.
  • The websites can be made user-friendly and accessible, with the help of professional web design services. The company can provide online services and customers as well as clients can be familiar with the companies through their websites.
  • Finally, it involves positioning of texts and graphics that will act as ideal solutions for the website designing.

Web development services

Web development service refers to a series of services and solutions that promote company websites and enhances online promotions of products and services of the company. Of late, these services are high in demand as company owners are considering their websites to be a prime tool of promotion and marketing.

  • There are many website development services across the nation and the world which emphasizes on website development and link building.
  • There are various categories of website development services. From content writing and development to web designing and animation, the websites undergo through a wonderful renovation.
  • The wide range of services is also available at a cheaper cost and is effective in pulling large number of consumers through a common forum.
  • The websites also act as a reflection of the company and its strategies. It bridges the gap between the company and its clients and customers.

Web application development

Web application development is the art of creating application programs on the remote server. These programs are delivered to the user’s device through Internet. The application is concentrated only on target group and potential consumers. The application developers work to communicate with specific group of people, keeping in mind their choices, tastes and preferences.

  • Web application development is directed at consumers through their phones and computers. It is created and crafted in a manner that caters to a particular group of consumers.
  • It has higher chances of response from the users as they need such products and services and can enjoy direct access to commodities.
  • The application programs are made available through particular devices, platforms and mediums; thereby customizing all efforts to reach the desired audience.
  • It is quite reasonable service and assures company owners to reach consumer minds directly.

Website maintenance

Maintaining a website requires proofing knowledge about the products and services of the company, tools and software, technical areas and other website operations. It requires years of practice to maintain a website in an efficient manner. Of late, online agencies or digital agencies cater to the entire discipline of website maintenance and management. With proper and strategic maintenance, a company is sure to succeed in its website.

  • Website maintenance is an art that requires design and graphics talent.
  • It is a continuous and consistent process that happens round the clock.
  • Websites need to be updated at regular intervals to create consumer interest in the company.
  • Search engine optimization services and solutions are vital to manage any website.
  • The content development for any website must suit the overall content and message communicated by the website.
  • It is an interactive forum that possesses the capability to generate wider response from its audience.

Social media marketing

Online promotion and marketing trends have become prominent in recent years. Social media marketing refers to all marketing, promotion and communication efforts that utilize online means and trends of communicating and interacting with target audiences. Such marketing trends are also useful in retaining consumers in the long run. It all the more generates consumer satisfaction and delivers value in exchange of money.

  • The social media marketing companies take care of all that fall within the discipline of content development and website designing.
  • The social media marketing companies cater to the virtual media and ensure that clients and visitors get attracted towards the companies and emerge to become loyal customers. This enhances company image and branding.
  • The firms are also responsible for developing online content and to make a website look unique and attractive. It creates innovation and uniqueness by implementing modern marketing tactics and practices.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the modern marketing ways of making a website stand apart amidst the others. In the competitive industry, companies struggle to occupy a mind-share within the consumers and prospects. With search engine marketing, company websites can get the maximum views by any visitor. Therefore, it is more likely to be noticed by audiences.

  • Search engine marketing takes the website at the top of any webpage, when viewers enter their search keywords.
  • It is an innovative way to capture the attention of the viewers and pull them towards the company websites.
  • There are search engine professionals who optimize the company websites and give a boost at the company promotions and marketing activities.
  • Such services and solutions are quite reasonable. They assure the clients about the effectiveness of their measures and strategies.
  • Finally, websites can get maximum attention from the viewers and create awareness and knowledge, with search engine marketing methods.

Responsive web design

Website designing is an important part of any company website. The company websites aim to generate favorable response from its target audiences. Therefore, at present, web designers create and design web pages that are sure to generate positive response from the audience.

  • By integrating various design tools and technologies; web design professionals work to generate feedback from the mass.
  • Such web design services result in creating hype about the company or brands, thereby widening consumer awareness.
  • Such services make websites all the more interesting and interactive as people can communicate directly with the brand and company.
  • The name and fame of products and services of the companies are likely to be higher with responsive web design services.
  • Such services can be accessed at ease and they provide the most innovative website designs at an affordable cost.

Portal development leads

Portals in the online platform refer to small forums and groups of common interest. The web portals focus on specific target groups of audiences and concentrate all their marketing and promotional efforts towards them. These portals are interactive platforms where the marketers and consumers can directly discuss and talk about their products and services.

  • Portals witness massive interaction amongst consumers and potential customers. It creates wide spread awareness and product knowledge.
  • Portal development needs certain strategies, without which the portals won’t sustain in the long run. The portals need to address consumer issues and enquiries to achieve success and long-term goals.
  • It is a round the clock work that needs to be clear, specific and consistent. The message should be unified and targeted towards the portal members only.
  • Portals can be developed by writing featured articles, blogs and consumer reviews to draw more attention from the audiences’’ end.

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